Green Bonds of Berlin Hyp – a sustainable investment

About the issuer

Berlin Hyp specialises in large-volume real estate financing for professional investors and housing societies, and develops customised financing solutions for them. Its most important refinancing instrument is the mortgage Pfandbrief. As a partner of the German savings banks, it also provides those institutions with a comprehensive range of products and services. Its clear focus, nearly 150 years of experience and close relationship with the German Savings Banks Financial Group make Berlin Hyp a leading German real estate and Pfandbrief bank. Berlin Hyp pursues a long-term, responsible and risk-conscious corporate strategy. In doing so, it makes a reliable contribution to the positive development of the economy and society. Berlin Hyp’s sustainability management focuses on integrating aspects of environmental awareness, social responsibility and good corporate governance in its business throughout the entire value chain.

Green Bonds

Sustainability is an important aspect of Berlin Hyp’s corporate strategy. Financing green buildings represents the part of Berlin Hyp's sustainability measures that is closest to its core business: commercial real estate lending. With the issuance of Green Bonds Berlin Hyp added another element to its value chain and offers investors an added value in addition to its own credit quality and/or the credit quality of its mortgage cover pool.

Berlin Hyp issues Green Bonds either as covered bonds (Green Pfandbriefe) or as senior unsecured bonds (Green Senior). Both are documented in a unified framework. This Green Bond Program can be downloaded below. Bonds issued under the program are aligned to the four key elements of the Green Bond Principles. Furthermore, it defines Berlin Hyp’s green building criteria, which focus on energy efficiency. Berlin Hyp has commissioned oekom research AG to assess the program’s sustainable value and to report annually on the bank’s compliance with the criteria defined in the program.

Green Pfandbrief

Just like traditional Mortgage Pfandbriefe, Berlin Hyp’s Green Pfandbriefe are used to finance or refinance mortgage backed real estate loans. Properties used for a Green Pfandbrief have been awarded an appropriate energy performance certificate or a green building certificate from internationally recognized certification bodies. In addition, they have to meet certain sustainability standards that have been set in cooperation with the sustainability rating agency oekom research AG. Green Pfandbriefe are issued under Berlin Hyp’s Green Bond Programme. According to oekom’s second party opinion dated 22 August 2016, they are characterized by their good sustainability quality. It is ensured that the amount that corresponds with the issue proceeds from Green Pfandbriefe is invested in sustainable projects.

Green Senior Unsecured

Green senior unsecured bonds (Green Senior) are also issued under the Green Bond Program and feature the same sustainability characteristics as Green Pfandbriefe. Investors in Green Senior are ranked pari-passu with investors in other senior unsecured notes of the bank. A new Green Senior can only be issued if there are sufficient eligible assets on the bank's balance sheet that have not been allocated to a Berlin Hyp Green Bond before.

Berlin Hyp issues Green Senior Unsecured notes under its Green Bond Program. The second party opinion provided by oekom refers to all Green Bonds issued under the program and can be downloaded here.

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